Chris Holtz

Extraordinarily Vapid Git Fun

A little while back, a friend of mine said to me, “You know what I really want?”

“What?”, I replied.

“I want to type ‘git stache’ in my terminal and get a picture of Tom Selleck.”

Let’s Have a Frank Talk About Your Backup Plan

You do backup you data, right? No, I’m not talking about the steps your IT staff takes to backup on your work network. That’s all well and good but it’s not enough for you. You need to be responsible for your data.

In Defense of Dynamic Finders

Last week I had a discussion with a colleague (and talented ruby developer) about the decision to remove dynamic finders from ActiveRecord. This is old news and I’m sure has been hashed to death, but I figured I’d chime in with a few thoughts, now that Rails 4.0 is out and we’re moving towards 4.1.

Getting Started With the Google Maps API

Recently I had the chance to work with a bunch of zip code and area code data. Each code had an associated latitude and longitude – from a list of area codes, I had to find those that were N miles from a specific zip code.

Upgrade Your Aws Database Disk Space

A few years ago, I moved a co-located site over to Amazon Web Services. This included web servers, data base servers, load balancers, etc. At the time I figured an ample 8GB would be sufficient space to house our modest Postgresql database. I was right… for a time.

Better Syntax Hints With Flycheck-mode and Rubocop

I’ve been using flycheck-mode in emacs for about a month now. Out of the box, it does a great job checking the syntax of my code. As I type, it automatically highlights syntax errors and warnings – it looks something like this:

Tmux Copy and Paste

If you spend any significant amount of time on a terminal in a *nix operating system, you’ve probably heard of tmux. For the uninitiated, tmux is a terminal multiplexer: